Entries for Wexford Stages Rally, 2017

2017-09-09 to 2017-09-10 at Wexford

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Steve Wood/Keith Moriarty Wales/Co. Limerick Subaru Impreza WRC S10 7
3 Gary Kiernan/Ryan Moore Co. Cavan/Co. Donegal Ford Escort 14
4 Ian Barrett/Eoin O'Flaherty Co. Kildare/Co. Kildare Ford Fiesta WRC 7
5 Stephen McCann/Damien Fleming Co. Cavan/Co. Kerry Ford Fiesta S2000 5
7R Pauric Duffy/Kevin Glynn Co. Monaghan/Co. Galway Ford Fiesta 20
8 Wesley Patterson/Johnny Baird Co. Down/Co. Donegal Ford Escort RS Mk2 14
9R Gary McNamee/Brian Brady Co. Meath/Co. Meath Honda Civic 11F
11 Liam Howlett/John McGrath Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort 14
12 John Bonner/Jonathan McGrath Co. Donegal/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 14
14 Tommy Doyle/Liam Moynihan Co. Longford/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
15 Richard Moore/Brian Halligan Co. Wexford/Co. Longford Ford Escort Mk2 14
17 Kyle McGettigan/Dale McGettigan Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
18 John Gordon/Thomas Wedlock Co. Down/Co. Cavan Ford Escort 13
19 Joe Connolly/Richard Connolly Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Ford Fiesta 5
22 James Bradley/Maria Kehoe Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 11F
25 Tomas O'Rourke/Tomas Scallan Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic Type R 2
26 Brian O'Keeffe/Sean Hayde Co. Waterford/Co. Cork Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
27 Gareth Lloyd/David Byrne UK/Co. Wexford Ford Escort RS1800 13
28 Adrain Evans/Martin Henry Wales/Wales Ford Escort 13
29 John Hade/Sharon Nolan Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Escort RS2000 14
30 Jack Maguire/Seamus O'Grady Co. Monaghan/Co. Wexford Ford Escort 13
31 Aled Davies/Jason Davies Wales/Wales Ford Escort Mk2 13
32 Robert Jones/Gary Kinghorn UK/UK Ford Escort Mk2 14
33 Barry McKenna/Macartan Kierans Co. Donegal/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort 13
34 Jeremy Straker/Michael Coady England/Co. Kilkenny Darrian T9 13
35 Gary Cassidy/Jack McKenna Co. Monaghan/Co. Monaghan Honda Civic 13
37 Tom Barber/Jaime Barber UK/UK BMW M3 Compact 14
38 Conor Moore/Leo Tector Co. Wexford/ Ford Escort Mk2 11R
40R Andy Nash/Ray Nash Co. Wexford/ Honda Civic EK4 11F
41 Jason O'Brien/Lawlor Sarah Co. Kilkenny/Co. Tipperary Honda EG6 11F
42 John Byrne/Brian Grant Co. Limerick/Co. Kilkenny Renault Clio 2
43 Leon Galvin/Ger Foley Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort 13
44 Graham Kelly/Dean Kelly Co. Kildare/Co. Kildare Ford Fiesta s2500 rwd 14
45 Ross Marshall/Dave Robson UK/UK Ford Escort Mk2 13
46 James Pettit/Aaron Kavanagh Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford BMW 3 Series Compact 14
48 Llyr Jones/Sion Jones Wales/Wales Ford Escort RS Mk2 13
49 JT Warnock/Dessie Wilson Co. Down/Co. Down Ford Escort 13
50 Philip McDonald/Shane Corcoran Co. Carlow/ Honda Civic 11F
52 Tommy Kelly/Mark Furlong Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 9A
53 Chris Sinclair-james/Shane Farrell Wales/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort 14
54 Fergal Kelly/Tim Maher Dublin/Co. Tipperary Ford Escort G4 13
57 Conor Lavery/Martin Lynch Co. Down/Co. Down Ford Escort Mk2 13
58 Eoin Neville/Tommy Hayes Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
59 Nick Barnett/Martin Brady England/Co. Galway Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
62 Gerard McGivney/Cieran McGorman Co. Monaghan/Co. Cavan Ford Escort 13
63 Park Quentin/Geoege Tinsley Co. Armagh/ Ford Escort Mk2 12
64 Robert Leech/Denny Greaney Co. Wexford/ Proton Satria 2
65 John Pettit/Michael Coleman Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 11R
66 Steven Armstrong/Conor Boylan Co. Down/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort Mk2 12
68R Eamonn Bates/James Sinnott Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Vauxhall Nova 10
69 Peter Bennett/Simon Jones Co. Armagh/UK Skoda R2 11F
70R Graham Bradley/Gary Bradley Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 11F
72 Nigel Molloy/Paul O'Leary Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Escort Mk2 10
73 Ciaran Cloke/David Creane Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Peugeot 306 3
74R Tommy Foley/Aarron Watters Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 11F
76 Shane Murray/Bernard McSweeney Co. Down/Co. Cork Ford Escort 13
77 Fran Kinsella/Emmet Cleary Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Vauxhall Nova 10
78 Ger Power/Johhny McRory Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Vauxhall Nova 9A
79 Andrew Leacy/Joe O'Brien Co. Wexford/ Toyota Corolla 11R
81 Conor Sherry/Ger Leech Co. Dublin/Co. Offaly Peugeot 205 13
82 Ray Kirwan/David Busher Co. Waterford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 3
83 Shay Delaney/Iarla McCarthy Co. Wexford/Co. Cork Honda Civic 11F
84 Gareth Shanklin/Dan Thomas Wales/Wales Citroen Saxo 11F
85 William Mains/Brian Kirwan Wales/Co. Wexford Vauxhall Nova 9A
86 Richie Dalton/Ger Brett Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Subaru Impreza 4
87 Peter Keohane/Mark McCarthy Co. Cork/Co. Cork Peugeot 106 GTi 1
88R John Hayes/Andy Hayes Co. Wexford/Co. Dublin Honda Civic Type R 3
89 Emyr Davies/Gethin Sollis Wales/Wales Ford Escort Mk2 13
90R Ger Kelly/Des Curtis Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Peugeot 205 GTi 10
91 Andrew Beamish/Lisa O'Dowd Cork/Co. Wexford Vauxhall Nova 10
93 Huw Morris/Ryan Jones Wales/ Vauxhall Astra GTE 23
94 Simon May/Adrian May England/England Ford Escort 13
97 Denis Maher/Christian Dermody Co. Kilkenny/Co. Carlow Honda Civic 1.6VTI 1
98R Sam Leech/Aidan Kent Co. Kerry/Co. Wexford Opel Corsa 9
99 Niall Murray/Justin Finn Co. Wexford/ Honda Civic 11F
100R Brian Walker/Paul Walker Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Ford Puma 11F
101 Alan Maloney/P.j (Peter) Egan Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Suzuki Swift 9A
102 Barry Hennessy/Steven Scallan Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 1
103 Michael Morahan/Billy Morahan Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Nissan Sunny 9A
105R Martin Dunbar/Mark Kavanagh Co. Wexford/ Ford Escort 10
106R JJ Furlong/Paul Furlong Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Talbot Sunbeam 11R
108 Martin O'Dowd/Shane O'Dowd Co. Wexford/ Talbot Sunbeam 10
109R George Leech/Kyle Foley Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Opel Corsa 10
111 John Barry/Eddie Byrne Co. Wexford/ Austin Mini Cooper 9
112R Ciaran Forrestal/Gerard Clancy UK/Co. Tipperary Peugeot 205 10
113 Andrew Blackburn/Seyyan John Wales/Wales Subaru Sport 23
114 Mick Boland/Noel Byrne Co. Cork/Co. Wexford Suzuki Swift 9A
115 Colin Roche/Daradh Byrne Co. Wexford/ TBA Ford Escort MK2 10
116 Mark Ashton/David Ashton Co. Wicklow/ Honda Civic EK4 1
119 Majella Wickham/Helen Byrne Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 11F
123 Brian O'Neill/Enda Kennedy Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Toyota Corolla RWD 13
124 John Lynch/Thomas Lynch Co. Laois/Co. Laois Darrian T90 14
125 John Reddington/Lorcan Moore UK/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
126 Kevin Cole/Kaine Treanor Co. Cavan/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort 12
129 Neil Tohill/Gerard Tohill Co. Dublin/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
130 Jason Roche/Noel Coogan Co. Wicklow/ Ford Escort 13
131R Dario Tempesta/Lisa Knox Co. Tipperary/ Honda Civic 11F

Entries for the Historic category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
61R Ian Davies/Ryland James Wales/Wales BMW M3 19
120 Walter Ainsworth/Lorraine Nixon England/UK VW Golf Mk1 17
128 Wyn Hughes/Anthony O'Sullivan Wales/Co. Cork Ford Escort 18

Entries for the Junior category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
J1 Killian O'Sullivan/Conal O'Sullivan Co. Tipperary/Co. Tipperary Honda Civic 16A
J2 Eamonn McCarthy/Eric Calnan Co. Cork/ Honda Civic 16A
J3 Mick Lonergan/Mikey Walsh Co. Kilkenny/Co. Cork Honda Civic 16A
J4 Michael O'Mara/Denise Rowan Co. Carlow/Co. Carlow Honda Civic 16
J6 Gary Hade/Simbarr Halligan Co. Carlow/ Peugeot 206 16A
J7 David Doyle/Adam Darcy Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Honda Civic 16A
J9 John Boland/Gavin Downey Co. Wexford/Co. Cork Ford Escort Mk2 16A
J10 Cillian Doherty/Tommy Cuddihy Co. Kilkenny/Co. Kilkenny Honda Civic 1.6VTI 16A
J11 Ger O'Brien/John James Hayes Co. Kilkenny/ Renault Clio 16A
J12R James Boland/David Manley Co. Wexford/Co. Wexford Ford Fiesta 16A

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