Entries for Sligo Stages Rally, 2018

2018-09-02 at Sligo Park Hotel

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Sam Moffett/Noel O'Sullivan Co. Monaghan/ Ford Fiesta R5 20
2 Josh Moffett/Keith Moriarty Co. Monaghan/ Ford Fiesta WRC 20
3 Declan Boyle/James O'Reilly Co. Donegal/ Ford Fiesta WRC 20
4 Joseph McGonigle/Ciaran Geaney Co. Donegal/ BMW Mini WRC 20
6 Stuart Darcy/Patrick Brides Co. Donegal/ Darrian T90 14
7 Chris Armstrong/Chris Melly Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 14
9 Aidan Wray/Kieran McGrath Co. Tyrone/ Mitsubishi Evo 10 4
10 Trevor Bustard/John McCafferty Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
11 David Leonard/Niall Burns Co. Sligo/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 20
12 Ed Synan/Thomas Collins Limerick/ Ford Escort 14
14 Colin Flanagan/Barry McLoughlin Co. Roscommon/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
15 Paul Barrett/Declan Tumilty Co. Kildare/ Mitsubishi Evo 10 4
16 Sean Gallagher/Claire Gallagher Co. Leitrim/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
18 Cormac Phelan/Katja Auhl Co. Roscommon/ Ford Escort 13R
19 Daniel Conaghan/Terence McGee Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 13R
20 John Cairns/James Cairns Co. Tyrone/ Subaru Impreza 20
21 Gary Cairns/Martin Brady Co. Tyrone/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
22 Anthony Cairns/Mark Preston Co. Tyrone/ Subaru Impreza 20
23 Johnny Jordan/Gary McNern Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 13R
25 Brian Armstrong/Aobhan Gallagher Co. Tyrone/ Ford Escort 12
26 William Armstrong/Philip Armstrong Co. Fermanagh/ Ford Escort 12
27 Colin O'Rourke/Shane Gilhooly Co. Leitrim/ Ford Escort 14
29 Alan Lawson/Sean Harte Co. Sligo/ Ford Escort 11R
30 JF Shovelin/Ryan Moore Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 14
31 Seamus Connolly/Gary McCrudden Co. Monaghan/ Toyota Corolla 11R
32 Chris McLaughlin/Loretta Kelly Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 11R
34 Paul Crosby/Trisha Greavy Co. Cavan/ Toyota Starlet 11R
35R Gene McDonald/Emett Kelly Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 11R
36 Mark Wedlock/Lois Branyan Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 11R
37 Paul Carron/Sean Brunton Co. Donegal/ Toyota Corolla 11R
38 Aaron McLaughlin/Liam McIntyre Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 20
39 Ciaran Phelan/Aine Phelan Co. Leitrim/ Honda Civic 13F
40 Martin Ewing/James Ewing Co. Sligo/ Peugeot 205 13R
41 Lee McLaughlin/Christy McLaughlin Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 11F
42 Michael McDaid/Daire Maguire Co. Fermanagh/ Ford Escort 12
44 Darrell Quinn/Michael Laverty Co. Tyrone/ Ford Escort 12
45 Paul Clarke/Martin Byrne Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 13R
49 Brian Lavelle/Lorcan Moore Co. Mayo/ Honda Civic 11F
51 Alan Quinn/Enda McGonigle Co. Sligo/ Opel Manta 400 13R
52 Patrick Herity/Sam Clarke Co. Sligo/ Ford Escort 13R
53 Sean Heraghty/David Gordon Co. Donegal/ Toyota Corolla 11R
54 Sam Stewart/Alan Johnston Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 11R
55 Gary Meehan/Patrick McCrudden Co. Roscommon/ Toyota Corolla 11R
57 Liam McMullan/Gerard McGinley Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 20
58 John McQuaid/Tomas Treanor Co. Monaghan/ Ford Escort 14
59 Kieran Carroll/Tony Curran Co. Leitrim/ Honda Civic 11F
60 Sean Enright/Kevin Doherty Co. Kerry/ Ford Escort 12
61 Colin Currid/Paul Gallagher Co. Sligo/ Ford Escort 12
62 Adrian Cannon/Pauric Keeney Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 3
63 Ronan Denning/Karl Egan Co. Mayo/ Peugeot 208 2
69 Patrick Corcoran/Leigh Cavanagh Co. Sligo/ Ford Escort 11R
70 John Coughlan/Sean Walsh Galway/ Ford Escort 12
71 Iarla Carty/Stephen Reynolds Co. Donegal/ Austin Mini Cooper S 9
72 Anthony McCann/Damian McCann Co. Antrim/ Ford Escort 12
73 JT Warnock/Andy Hayes Co. Down/ Ford Escort 13R
74 Roy Baldrick/Dermot Friel Co. Donegal/ Talbot Sunbeam 13R
75 Art McCarrick/John McCay Co. Sligo/ Opel Adam 2
76 David Quinn/James McDermott Co. Sligo/ BMW E30 14
77 Sean Maloney/Kevin Cogan Co. Sligo/ Toyota Corolla 11R
78R Ferlin Taylor/Deirdre Benson Co. Sligo/ Vauxhall Chevette 13R
80 Shane Carr/Ciaran Carr Co. Donegal/ Vauxhall Nova 10
81 James McGreal/Chris Mitchel Co. Mayo/ Mitsubishi Evo 6 15
82 Roger Kennedy/Wendy Blackledge Belfast/ Peugeot 306 3
83R Ronan Quinn/Ian McCord Co. Longford/ Ford Escort 11R
85 Des Lyons/Des Sherlock Galway/ Honda Civic 11F
86 Sean McQuaid/Ivan Wilkinson Co. Tyrone/ Ford Escort 12
87 Ger O'Brien/John Liston Co. Kerry/ Ford Escort 13R
88 Davy Hunt/Gillian Gilmartin USA/ Peugeot 106 Maxi 11F
89 Michael Hamilton/Dylan Donoghue Co. Clare/ Honda Civic 11F
91 Dylan Grogan/Keelan Grogan Co. Leitrim/ Skoda Fabia R2 2
92R Keith McFadden/Sara McFadden Co. Mayo/ Renault Clio 13F
93 Brendan McCarrick/Simon Love Co. Sligo/ Subaru Impreza 20
94 Brendan Friel/Jason McCahill Co. Donegal/ Nissan Micra 9
95 Christopher Brennan/Martin Hughes Co. Armagh/ Honda Civic 11F
96 Gordon Nimmo/Crystal Culkeen Co. Mayo/ Ford Fiesta 11F
97 Anthony McDonald/Oisin Sherlock Co. Cavan/ Opel Corsa 10
98 Keith Ewing/Sean Quigley Co. Sligo/ Honda Civic 1
99 Paul McLoughlin/Brian McLoughlin Co. Sligo/ Talbot Sunbeam 10
100 Mike Quinn/Tony Healy Co. Kerry/ Ford Escort 14
102 Micheal Rodgers/Aidan Connolly Galway/ Honda Civic 3
104 Ger Lyons/Steve O'Brien Limerick/ Honda Civic 11F
105 Joe Moffitt/Eddie Moffitt Co. Laois/ Honda Civic 1
106 Jack Maguire/Seamus O'Grady Co. Monaghan/ Ford Fiesta 20
107 Pat Kelly/Jonathan Kelly Galway/ Subaru Impreza 20
108 Vincent Collins/Fintan Kilroe Co. Roscommon/ Ford Escort 12

Entries for the Junior category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
46 Jason Black/Jack McKenna Co. Armagh/ Toyota Starlet 16
47 David Kelly/Kenny Bustard Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 16
48 Stephen Faughnan/Amy Faughnan Co. Longford/ Ford Escort 16
65 Ryan Diver/Dylan Baskin Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 16
66 Ryan Moore/Neil Martin Brogan Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 16
68 Conor Murphy/Aaron Healy Co. Kerry/ Honda Civic 16
101 Gareth Black/Calum Maguire Co. Armagh/ Toyota Starlet 16
103 Billy Riordan/John Kilmartin Galway/ Honda Civic 16

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