Entries for Ravens Rock Stages Rally, 2019

2019-06-30 at Waterford

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Josh Moffett/Andy Hayes Co. Monaghan/ Ford Fiesta 7
2 Roy White/James O'Brien Co. Tipperary/ Ford Fiesta WRC 7
3 Hugh Hunter/Rob Fagg Wales/ Ford Focus WRC 7
4 John Dalton/Gwynfor Jones Wales/ Darrian T90 GTR 14
5 Sacha Kakad/James Aldridge UK/ Ford Fiesta R5 5
6 Simon Reid/Gavin Downey Co. Waterford/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
7 Darren McKelvey/Jordan Murphy Co. Tyrone/ Mitsubishi Evo 20
9 David Guest/Jonathan McGrath Cork/ Skoda S2000 5
10 Eugene Meegan/Tommy Hayes Co. Louth/ Citroen DS3 R5 5
12 Adrian Evans/Martin Henry Wales/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
14 Richard Harney/Brian Harney Co. Waterford/ Ford Escort 13
17 Tomas Davies/Eurig Davies Wales/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
18 Daniel Harper/Chris Campbell UK/ BMW Mini WRC 7
19 Shane Maguire/Anthony Nestor Co. Monaghan/ Mitsubishi Evo 4
20 Tomas O'Rourke/Tomas Scallan Co. Wexford/ Mitsubishi Evo 4
21 Sebastian Ling/Aled Rees Wales/ Citroen DS3 R5 5
23 Martyn England/Dawn England UK/ Ford Fiesta R5 5
24R Brian O'Keeffe/Sean Hayde Co. Waterford/ Mitsubishi Evo 4
25 Lee Hastings/Alistair Wyllie Scotland/ Subaru Impreza 20
26 John Barry/John Seyyan Wales/ Subaru Impreza 20
27 Aaron McLoughlin/Darren Curran Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 20
28R Colm Doherty/Andrew Farmer Co. Kilkenny/ Toyota Corolla 11R
31 Des Moore/John Smithwick Co. Monaghan/ DMMR RS1600T 14
32 Neil Tohill/Gerard Tohill Dublin/ Mitsubishi Evo 4
33 Jason Ryan/Peter Keohane Cork/ Toyota Starlet 11F
35R Richie Dalton/Ger Brett Co. Kilkenny/ Subaru Impreza 4
36 Tony Rees/Ian Taylor Wales/ Darrian GTR 14
38 Mark Nangle/Pat Cashman Co. Meath/ Subaru Impreza 20
40 Kenny O'Brien/Gavin Croke Co. Wexford/ Vauxhall Nova 9
45 Niall Fitzpatrick/Gary Fitzpatrick Co. Kilkenny/ Ford Escort Mk1 12
46 Jason Tuthill/Ben Teggart Dublin/ Ford Escort Mk1 13
47 Mark Dolphin/Colin Fitzgerald Cork/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
48R Tony Canny/Joe O'Brien Co. Kilkenny/ Ford Escort Mk2 13
49 Andrew Leacy/Andrew Curran Co. Wexford/ Darrian T9 13
51 Eoin Duffin/Mike Quinn Co. Kerry/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
52R Mark Geraghty/Conal O'Sullivan Co. Waterford/ Honda Civic 13
53 Llyod Hutchinson/Willie Fitzpatrick Co. Wicklow/ Austin Mini 9
54 Paul Cloake/Leo Tector Co. Wexford/ Proton 11F
55 Tim Fiood/Anthony Smith Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort Mk2 11R
57 Paschal O'Shea/Robbie Hennessy Co. Kilkenny/ BMW 14
58 William Nolan/Shane O'Mahoney Co. Carlow/ Toyota Corolla 11R
59 John O'Rourke/Brian Cummins Co. Carlow/ Opel Corsa 12
61 Denis Maher/Pat Knox Co. Kilkenny/ Honda Civic 2
62R Shane Casey/Seamus McHugh Cork/ Honda Civic 11F
63 Ger O'Brien/John Hayes Co. Kilkenny/ Renault Clio 11F
64 Garry Carthy/Michael Breen Co. Donegal/ Citroen C2 11F
65 James Fennelly/Mick Lonergan Co. Kilkenny/ Honda Civic 11F
67 Michael Forde/Jim Cunningham Cork/ Talbot Sunbeam 11R
69 Michael Rodgers/Aidan Connolly Galway/ Honda Civic 3
70 Keith McFadden/Sara McFadden Co. Mayo/ Renault Clio 3
71 Edward Lewis/Dom Adams UK/ Opel Adam 11F
72 Pierce J Dohney/Eilish Dunne Co. Kilkenny/ Opel Corsa 10
73 Michael Ormond/Paddy King Co. Tipperary/ Honda Civic 3
74 Andrew James/Alec James Wales/ Toyota Corolla 11R
76 Gemma Kerley/Jalna Breslin Dublin/ Mitsubishi Evo 20
77 Michael Morahan/Billy Morahan Co. Kilkenny/ Honda Civic 2
78 Colin Roche/Adam Darcy Co. Wexford/ Ford Escort 10
81 Thomas Sheehan/Jenny Sheehan Co. Tipperary/ Opel Corsa 9
82 Pat Bolger/Chris Bolger Co. Kilkenny/ Honda Civic 1
83 Joe Moffitt/Eddie Moffitt Co. Laois/ Honda Civic 1
84 Anthony Roche/Alan Hourigan Cork/ Audi A3 20
87 Keith Power/Tommy Cuddihy Co. Waterford/ Mitsubishi Evo 20
88 Des Lyons/Ashling McArdle Galway/ Honda Civic 11F
89 Mickey Conlon/Damien Fleming Co. Monaghan/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
90 Brian O'Neill/John Murphy Co. Kilkenny/ Toyota Corolla 13
91 Tommy Foley/Sham Delaney Co. Wexford/ Honda Civic 11F
93 Bobby Hennessy/Darragh Smyth Co. Kilkenny/ Honda Civic 13
94 Kevin Dolphin/Martin O'Brien Cork/ Ford Escort 14
100 Richard Moore/John McGrath Co. Wexford/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
101 John McHugh/Amy Faughnan Australia/ Toyota Corolla 13
102 Eoin Neville/Brendan Quinn Co. Wexford/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4

Entries for the Historic category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
29 David Armstrong/Ashley Trimble Co. Down/ Ford Escort RS 18
30 Neil Williams/Anthony O'Sullivan Wales/ Ford Escort Mk2 18
50 Peader Walsh/Grace Walsh Cork/ Ford Escort Mk1 18
56R Ian Davies/Peter Watts Wales/ BMW M3 19
79 Malcolm Pedlow/John Henderson Belfast/ BMW 2002 18
80 John O'Reilly/Nick Sparks Co. Wicklow/ Ford Escort Mk1 18
92 Sean Hogan/Trish Hogan Cork/ Talbot Sunbeam 17

Entries for the Junior category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
J1 Shane Kenneally/Jer Connors Co. Waterford/ Honda Civic 16
J2 Brian Brady/Gary McNamee Co. Meath/ Honda Civic 16
J3 Gareth Deazley/James Duffin Co. Tyrone/ Honda Civic 16
J7 Sean Dunphy/Susan Kinsella Co. Tipperary/ Honda Civic 16
J8 Brian Keohane/Donal Keohane Cork/ Vauxhall Nova 16
J10 Michael O'Mara/Brian Rowan Co. Carlow/ Honda Civic 16
J11 Barry Archer/Eoin Treacy Cork/ Honda Civic 16
J12 Anthony O'Driscoll/Eoin Corcoran Cork/ Honda Civic 16
J14 Ruairi Macartain/David Crilly Co. Louth/ Honda Civic 16

Entries for the Class 16A Cup category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
J4 Colin O'Donohue/Sean Collins Co. Kerry/ Ford Escort 16A
J5 Nigel Roche/Andrew Cronin Limerick/ Honda Civic 16A
J9 Ronan Creagh/Peter O'Sullivan Cork/ Honda Civic 16A
J13 David Kelly/Neil McHugh Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 16A

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