Entries for Mayo Stages Rally, 2016

2016-03-06 at Ballina

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry Co. Monaghan/ Subaru S12B 7
2 Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle Co. Donegal/ Ford Fiesta WRC 7
3 Garry Jennings/Rory Kennedy Co. Fermanagh/Co. Donegal Subaru Impreza WRC 7
4 Paddy McVeigh/Gary McElhinney Co. Tyrone/Co. Donegal Subaru Impreza WRC 7
6 Roy White/James O'Brien Co. Tipperary/ Ford Fiesta WRC 7
7 Peadar Hurson/Damien Connolly Co. Down/Co. Monaghan Subaru Impreza 7
9 Kevin Barrett/Sean Mullally Co. Kildare/Limerick Subaru WRC S14 7
10 Frank Wray/Joe McNulty Co. Tyrone/ Subaru Impreza WRC 15
11R Michael O'Brien/Liam Brennan UK/Cork Ford Focus 7
12R Aaron McHale/Paul McGee Co. Kildare/Co. Mayo Skoda S2000 5
14 Stephen McCann/Damien Flemming Co. Cavan/ Subaru S5 WRC 15
15 Gary McPhillips/Paul Sheridan Co. Monaghan/ Ford Escort 14
16 Jonathon Pringle/Alan Keena Co. Meath/Co. Westmeath Ford Escort 14
17 Frank Kelly/Paul Twomey Co. Tyrone/Cork Ford Escort Mk2 14
18 Chris Armstrong/Chris Melly Co. Cavan/Co. Donegal Ford Escort 14
20 Damien Toner/Denver Rafferty Co. Tyrone/ Ford Escort 14
21 Edward O'Callaghan/Ger Clancy Limerick/ Ford Escort Mk2 13
22 Simon Chapman/Neil Coleman UK/ Proton Satria 20
24 Trevor Bustard/John McCafferty Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 4
25 Shane Maguire/Mac Kierans Co. Monaghan/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
26 Aidan Wray/Kieran McGrath Co. Tyrone/ Mitsubishi Evo 10 4
27 Conor Harvey/Arthur Kierans Co. Donegal/ Toyota Gt86 14
28 Trevor Mulligan/Sean Hayde Co. Meath/Cork Ford Escort Mk2 14
29 Marty Toner/Sharon Clarke Co. Armagh/Co. Sligo Talbot Sunbeam 14
30 David Armstrong/Paul Mulholland Co. Down/Co. Armagh Ford Escort 14
31 Pat Kirk/John McElhinney Co. Tyrone/Co. Donegal Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
33 David Moffett/Darragh Kelly Co. Monaghan/ Toyota Starlet 13
34 Russell Woods/Martin Byrne Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 13
35 Gary Kiernan/Ryan Moore Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 13
36 Neil Tohill/Gerard Tohill Dublin/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
37 Paul Barrett/Declan Tumilty Co. Kildare/ Subaru N14 4
40 Sean Liston/Katrina Walsh Liston Limerick/ BMW E30 13
41 Andrew Fanning/Adam Coffey Co. Tipperary/ Ford Fiesta 20
44R Conor Watters/Shane O'Donnell Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 14
48 Liam Bowhan/Donal Lennon Co. Louth/ Toyota Starlet 13
49 Pat O'Connell/Mark Wiley Co. Tipperary/Cork Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
50 Stephen Hernon/Jeff Case Galway/Co. Laois Subaru Impreza 4
51 Mark Boyle/Charles Gallagher Co. Donegal/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
52 Seamus Connolly/Gary McCrudden Co. Monaghan/ Toyota Corolla 11R
54 Damian Tourish/Domhnall McAlaney Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 13
55 Brian Armstrong/James Logue Co. Tyrone/ Ford Escort Mk2 12
56 Vincent Collins/Patrick Brides Co. Roscommon/ Ford Escort 12
57 Eamon McGuigan/Michael Moran Derry/ Ford Escort 12
58 Cathan McCourt/Brian Hoy Co. Tyrone/Co. Fermanagh Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
59 Colin Loughney/Seamus Murphy Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort Mk2 12
60 Alan Atcheson/Thomas Wedlock Co. Tyrone/Co. Cavan Ford Escort Mk2 12
61 Pa Bellew/Seanie Brunton Co. Meath/ Ford Escort Mk2 11R
62 Barry Cuffe/Stephen McGing Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort 11R
63 James McGreal/Chris Mitchell Co. Mayo/ Mitsubishi Evo 6 15
64 Jf Shovelin/Terence Furey Co. Donegal/ Subaru Impreza 15
65 Billy Cowe/Paul Gallagher Scotland/Co. Sligo Subaru Impreza 20
68 Derek Bolton/Lorcan Moore Co. Mayo/ Subaru Impreza 15
69 Ciaran Kennedy/Pat O'Hora Co. Mayo/ Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
70R Donal O'Brien/Stephen Quin Cork/ Ford Escort Mk2 14
71 Colin Quirk/Chris Caley Isle of Man/ Mitsubishi Evo 10 4
72 John Reddington/Johnny Rooney England/Co. Leitrim Ford Escort Mk2 14
73 Ray Cunningham/Jarad Gill Galway/Co. Mayo Austin Mini Cooper 9
74 Sam Johnston/Nigel McCloughry Co. Longford/ Honda Civic 11F
75 Marty Gallagher/Dean O'Sullivan Co. Donegal/ Ford Fiesta R2 2
76 Brendan Friel/John Boyle England/ Toyota Corolla 11R
77 Richard Harney/Brian Harney Co. Waterford/ Ford Escort 11R
78 Leonard Craig/Conal McNulty Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 11R
79 Jason Tuthill/Ben Teggart Dublin/Co. Armagh Ford Escort 11R
81 Johnny Jordan/Eoin Gallagher Co. Donegal/ Toyota Starlet 11R
84 Quentin Park/Alan Stewart Co. Armagh/ Ford Escort 12
87 Adrian Sweeney/Shane Buckley Co. Donegal/ Peugeot 207 11F
88 Kevin McLoughlin/Michael McClafferty Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 11F
90 Sean Walsh/Billy Riordan Galway/ Honda Civic 11F
91 John Kelly/Niall Kelly Co. Monaghan/ Toyota Corolla 10
92 Anthony Masterson/Tommy Clinton Co. Meath/ Ford Escort 9
93 Michael Loughney/Fergal Loughney Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort 9
94 Shane Carr/Ciaran Carr Co. Donegal/ Vauxhall Nova 10
95 Alan Moran/David Loughney Co. Mayo/ Peugeot 206 11F
96 Donal Connolly/Danny McLoughlin Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 12
97R Kevin Cole/Matthew Kirwan Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort 12
99 Damian Reilly/Damien McCabe Co. Cavan/ Ford Escort Mk2 9
100 Padraic Roche/Aimee Smith Co. Mayo/ Ford Escort 12
101 Ruairi McCaffrey/Seamus McTigue Co. Tyrone/Co. Leitrim Honda Civic 1
102 Stephen Reynolds/Derek McCarthy Co. Leitrim/Co. Mayo Honda Civic 1
103 Brian Lavelle/Shane Byrne Co. Mayo/Co. Donegal Honda Civic 1
104 Keelan Maguire/Martin McGarrity Co. Tyrone/Co. Fermanagh Honda Civic 2
105 Andrew Casey/Steven Casey Co. Tyrone/ Honda Civic 1
106 David Kelly/James Connwell Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 1
107 Dermot McGroary/Joe Timoney Co. Donegal/ Talbot Sunbeam 11R
108 Frank Rafferty/Chris Costello Galway/ Chrysler Sunbeam 11R
109 Karl Fallis/Eamin Conway Co. Fermanagh/ Honda Civic 2
110 Roger Kennedy/Wendy Blackledge Co. Antrim/Co. Fermanagh Peugeot 306 3
111 John Duffy/John Egan Co. Mayo/Co. Meath Honda Integra 3
112 Ciaran Phelan/Cormac Phelan Co. Leitrim/Co. Roscommon Honda Civic 11F
113R Christopher McLoughlin/Barry McBride Co. Donegal/ Toyota Corolla 11R
114 Tonya Fortune/Damian Lawlor Co. Wexford/ Honda Civic 3
115 Gerard Gibbons/Adrian Rankin Co. Donegal/ Ford Escort 11R
118 Barry Doogan/Keith Neary Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 11F
119 Tommy Scally/John Wallace Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 1
122 Joe Moffitt/Eddie Moffitt Co. Laois/ Honda Civic 1
123 Colette Rooney/Gerry McGarry Co. Sligo/ Vauxhall Nova 12
125 Peter McManamon/John McCarthy Co. Mayo/ Peugeot 205 GTi 10
127 Kelvin Gorney/Billy Fanneran Co. Donegal/ Citroen Saxo 11F
128 Keith Jacob/Michael Carr Co. Sligo/Co. Mayo Ford Ka 9
129 Padraig Connolly/Kaine Treanor Co. Monaghan/ Peugeot 106 10
130 Laura Mulrooney/Mike Murphy Galway/ Peugeot 205 GTi 10
131 Padraig Conneely/Liam Walsh Co. Mayo/ Toyota Corolla 11F
133 Jenna McCann/John McCabe Co. Cavan/ Ford Fiesta R2 2
134 Martin Cawley/Kenny Langan Co. Mayo/ Peugeot 205 GTi 10

Entries for the Historic category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
67R Frank Cunningham/Ross Forde USA/Galway Ford Escort RS1800 19
117 Iarla Carty/Anthony Scanlon Co. Donegal/Co. Sligo Austin Mini Cooper 17

Entries for the Junior category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
J3 Mark Murphy/Michael Hamilton Co. Kerry/Co. Clare Honda Civic 16
J5 Shane Norris/Ger Clancy Co. Tipperary/ Honda Civic 16
J6 David Gordon/Keith Harris Co. Donegal/ MG Rover 16
J7 Declan Greene/Stephen Doogan Co. Donegal/ Toyota Corolla 16
J8 Sean Diver/Darren Curran Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 16
J10 James Wilson/Kyle Diffin Co. Armagh/ Peugeot 106 16
J11 Jake Lennon/Greg O'Brien Co. Clare/Co. Tipperary Honda Civic 16
J12 Michael O'Boyle/Dermot McCafferty Co. Donegal/ Honda Civic 16

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