Entries for Limerick Rallysprint, 2023

2023-05-21 at Limerick

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Entries for the Main Field category

Car Driver/Codriver Address Make Class
1 Eamonn Kelly/Jack Harvey Co. Donegal/Co. Donegal VW Polo Gti R5 5B
2 Kevin O'Connor/ Limerick/Limerick Talbot Sunbeam 2B
3 Keith Lyons/Una Healy Limerick/Limerick Ford Fiesta Rally 2 5B
4 Niall Maguire/Richard O'Donoghue Co. Monaghan/Limerick Subaru Impreza WRC 5B
5 Stuart Biggerstaff/ Co. Down/Co. Down Ford Fiesta R5 5B
6 Jer O'Donavan/ Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Fiesta R5 5B
7 Gary McEvoy/Gary McEvoy Jnr Co. Donegal/Co. Donegal Ford Fiesta R5 5B
8 Tommy Graham/ Co. Kildare/Co. Kildare Ford Fiesta 8
9 Gary Kiernan/ Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan Ford Escort Mk2 4
10 Frank Kelly/Lauren Kelly Co. Monaghan/Co. Monaghan Ford Escort Mk2 4
11 Paul Purtil/ Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 4
12 Chris O'Callaghan/Gary Mc Walter Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 4
14 Ed Synan/Noreen McDaid Limerick/Co. Donegal Ford Escort Mk2 4
15 Tommy Randles/Michael Healy-Rae Co. Kerry/Co. Kerry Ford Escort Mk2 4
16 Maurice Meskell/Stephen Meskell Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk1 10
17 Torsten Schmidt/ Galway/ Ford Escort Mk2 3B
18 Michael Carbin/ Co. Monaghan/Co. Monaghan Mitsubishi Evo 9 4
20 Johnny O'Connor/Andrew Ryan Limerick/Limerick Talbot Sunbeam 2B
21 Sean Lyons/Emel McNamara Galway/Galway Ford Escort BDA 10
22 Eamonn Daly/ Limerick/Limerick Toyota Starlet 3B
23 Ken Lyons/Paddy McDonnell Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 4
24 Sean Moran/ Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 3B
25 Michael Fitzgibbon/ Co. Clare/Co. Clare Honda Civic 3B
26 Jack Shanahan/ Co. Cork/Co. Cork Ford Escort MK2 3B
27 Christy Carey/Richard Talbot Co. Clare/Co. Kerry Mitsubishi Evo 9 5B
28 Kenneth Ryan/ Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 1B
29 Niall O'Connell/Eibhlin O'Connell Limerick/Limerick Citroen C2 2B
30 Niall O'Sullivan/ Co. Clare/Co. Clare Citroen C2 2B
31 Pj O'Connor/ Co. Limerick/ Ford Fiesta R2 5A
32 Craig Rahill/ Co. Cavan/Co. Cavan Ford Escort MK2 3B
33 Cathal Mulcaire/Pa Hennessy Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort MK2 3A
34 Jason O'Brien/Jonathan O'Brien Cork/Cork Ford Escort MK2 3B
35 Pat Ryan/ Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort MK2 1B
36 Hazel O'Callaghan/Ed O'Callaghan Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort Mk2 3B
37 Richard Davis/ Cork/Cork Ford Escort Mk2 3A
38 Johnny Ryan/ Cork/Cork Subaru Impreza 5B
39 Michael Linehan/Trisha Hogan Cork/Co. Waterford Ford Escort G3 3A
40 Ger Ryan/David Ryan Limerick/Limerick Ford Escort MK2 1A
41 Richard Hickey/Noel Brady Cork/Cork Toyota Corolla 2B
42 Alan O'Riordan/James Jordan Cork/Cork Subaru Impreza 5B
43 Michael O'Sullivan/ Cork/Cork Ford Escort MK2 3A

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